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Coporate Culture

Add1: NanWei 1st Road,YiJiang
District,Wuhu City,AnHui Pro-
vince (Phase I)
Add2: No. 8 Wumeishan Road, Yi Jiang District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China. (Phase II)
Tel: +86-553-2672266
Fax: +86-553-2672251

                                                      Coporate culture

 Vision :

 Devote to green energy, and aim to be a world class company with creativity, competitiveness and


 Mission :

 Provide platform for staff, create value for customer and benefit society with technology innovation.

 Quality  Policy:

 Quality is life, service is key. Exceed customer expectation with continuous improvements.

 Environment Policy:
 Environmental conscious, clean production, energy efficient and all members participation.

 Safety Policy:

 People oriented, stay safe and healthy, prevention conscious and manage with science.

 ETC core culture :

 E  Efficient 
 T  Trustful 
 C  Creative

 ETC extend means:

 E: Engineering Capability
 T: Technology Competitiveness
 C: Customer Satisfaction

  Energy Technology Co.
  Energy Technology Concentrated
  Energy Technology Creative
  Environment Tends Comfortable

  Bring Easy To Customers! 



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