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About ETC

Add1: NanWei 1st Road,YiJiang
District,Wuhu City,AnHui Pro-
vince (Phase I)
Add2: ZhanQian Road,YiJiang
District,Wuhu City (Phase II)
Tel: +86-553-2672266
Fax: +86-553-2672251

        Wuhu ETC Battery Limited is a high-tech company established in September 2014, located in Wuhu City which  is  one  of  the top ten livable cities.  As  an  important project  introduced by the city government, ETC is devoted to green energy field and provides  Li-ion battery solutions in aspects of  CE,  EV and  Pack System. ETC  has strong competence in terms of capital, technology, resources and others.

         The new facility is close Yi Jiang high-speed rail station. According to the scheme, the company will take about 49.5 acres. The project’s  total investment costs 2 billion yuan,  output  capacity of 5  billion WH, with the  expecting value of 10 billion yuan. The core members of the team come from the world-class firms, with rich experience in the design and manufacture of battery field. They are all professional with scientific research and management.