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Process Traceability

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Process Traceability

       The  traceability  is very  important  to  Li-battery  manufacturing.  ETC  has  industry-leading  MES  traceability solutions,  including material  traceability,  product  tracing,  process  data  traceability,  inspection and  testing data collection, and outgoing data traceability and so on.

       ETC MES is widely used in advanced IT technology, such as barcode labels, wireless scanning technology, 2D barcode  printing  and  engraved code technology, intelligent  integration  of  automation  equipment and in-process initiative  foolproof technology and so on. The MES system has both forward  and  reverse traceability, that is to say the trace from raw material / slurry/ film roll to product SN, or vice versa.


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