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Consumer Cell

Add1: NanWei 1st Road,YiJiang
District,Wuhu City,AnHui Pro-
vince (Phase I)
Add2: No. 8 Wumeishan Road, Yi Jiang District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China. (Phase II)
Tel: +86-553-2672266
Fax: +86-553-2672251

  CE (Consumer Electronic Cell)

Our consumer cell owns outstanding advantages like small size, light weight, high energy density,  good safety , flexible design and so on.Products are widely used in smart phones, tables PCs, laptops, portable powers and other electronics  products. ETC encourages  and  supports  our customers to interact  with our product and offer actively feedback of the markets and needs, which aims to win customers' trust.

1. Applications


     2. Pouch cell : 6649B9



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