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Product Development

Add1: NanWei 1st Road,YiJiang
District,Wuhu City,AnHui Pro-
vince (Phase I)
Add2: ZhanQian Road,YiJiang
District,Wuhu City (Phase II)
Tel: +86-553-2672266
Fax: +86-553-2672251

       Product Development

       The company is committed to providing the  lithium  battery which owns the  advantages  of high security, high power density, lower  time  in  charge  and  discharge, longer  life  and  environment friendly for the global clients of electronic products, offering effective energy solutions for global automobile manufacturers, devoting to developing  lithium  battery  with  high security, high power density, longer life and environment friendly. To provide economical and  practical,  stable,  long  operating  life  ESS  lithium  batteries  for  residences,  base  station  UPS  and  other  commercial clients.